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ISDN Data Connections: Dial-Out Connections

On the Dial-Out Connections tab of the ISDN Data Connections dialog, you define the parameters which the camera uses to dial-out to the Internet or an ISDN router via ISDN (e.g. to transfer an image or send an e-mail).

To edit the ISDN connections for dialing in, click on the Dial-In Connections tab; certain parameters for dialing out (Dialing Pause, Dial-Out Limits) can be configured on the Dial-Out Parameters tab.

Configuring Dial-Out Connections

You can configure up to six different dial-out connections. Four of these can be active at the same time. Active connections are highlighted.


Storing the Configuration

Click on the Set button to save your settings until the camera is rebooted.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

In order to enable these settings, you need to reboot the camera!

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